I’m currently working towards an MBA at the Eller College of Management (University of Arizona). If you’re interested in my business-ness or brilliance as an information architect for higher education, you may want to check out my LinkedIn profile.

I sometimes teach online undergraduate classes in the Educational Technology department at the University of Arizona South.

I was founding managing editor of Issues and Trends in Educational Technology, an open access peer-reviewed journal out of the University of Arizona South.


Czerkawski, B., & Lieberman, M. October 9, 2012. Building Collaborative International Learning Experiences using Social Networking Services. Paper presented at E-Learn 2012: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education, Montréal, Québec, CA.

Lieberman, M., Brent, W. & C. Hackathorn. Book chapter. “Case History 2: The University of Arizona South: Teaching with Technology.” Sheldon, Lee. The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game. Course Technology PTR: Boston, USA, 2011.

Lieberman, M. Four Ways to Teach with Video Games. Currents in Electronic Literacy. Spring 2010. <http://currents.dwrl.utexas.edu/2010/lieberman_four-ways-to-teach-with-video-games>.

There’s also a bunch of stuff up on Slideshare that I never submitted for publication. Here’s some of that material.

Multi-User Virtual Environment Platforms for English as a Second Language Education: a Literature Review

Research proposal: Video games as texts in college english courses

Literature review on the use of video games in humanities education

Literature Review: Commercial Video Games In Classroom Education