A cursory scan of the civil war section in any American bookstore reveals dozens of scholarly and popular works with titles drawn from the short speech given by Abraham Lincoln on the occasion of his second inauguration as President. This speech not being an inexhaustible resource, most of its (even remotely) evocative passages have already been mined hollow. The list that follows is of what remains.

  • Appearing to Take
  • Less Occasion
  • An Extended Address
  • There Was At
  • Somewhat in Detail
  • Have Been Constantly
  • Absorbs the Attention
  • All Thoughts Were Anxiously Directed*
  • Reasonably Satisfactory
  • No Prediction in Regard to it is Ventured

Authors eager for some slight connection to Lincoln can be forgiven for scraping the bottom of a barrel that once overflowed so enticingly. With malice toward none, however, they are strongly encouraged to look elsewhere, now.