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What ever happened to Boom Culture?

Boom Culture is dead. Long live Luderacy. Boom Culture was my previous blog, which ran from January, 2009 until May, 2012. More people read the site than I expected when I started it as a graduate school project. For this… Continue Reading →

Schwarzenegger v. irony

The US Supreme Court recently heard a case that bears on video games and the first amendment. I tend to come down very far on the side of protecting speech in general, and of considering video games to be a… Continue Reading → article about games in education

I was interviewed recently for an article on about the use and value of games in higher education. It’s a great article written by Bob Mackey, who knows his stuff. I’m quoted alongside Drs. Len Annetta and James Paul Gee. That was flattering and… Continue Reading →

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