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Dear Mister Marston, part 3

Hey Max, My second letter is below. I know the pony express took a long time to arrive. I don’t plan to go on another two week hiatus! Harrison Dear Mister “Max” Marston, It is always good to hear from… Continue Reading →

Dear Mister Marston, part 2

Hey Harrison, Here’s my second letter. I think my Marston might be losing it a bit—but he recovers at the end. We’ll see what the future brings for him. Apropos more of the West than of Red Dead specifically, I… Continue Reading →

Dear Mister Marston

  I recently reconnected with the brilliant and engaging Harrison Gish, a college friend and now a Ph.D. candidate studying games and other media at UCLA. Harrison was one of the first people I met who took what you might call… Continue Reading →

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