Bette Davis eyesBoom Culture is dead. Long live Luderacy.

Boom Culture was my previous blog, which ran from January, 2009 until May, 2012. More people read the site than I expected when I started it as a graduate school project. For this I am grateful and flattered. Also slightly bemused.

If you found this site because you used to read Boom Culture, I hope you’ll stick with me. I’m going to keep writing, only now I’ll do so here at Luderacy. If you’re new here and have no idea what I’m talking about, please ignore this post and check out something substantive from the Boom Culture archives instead.

Why the move? Reasons technical, professional, whimsical and existential. Take your pick:

  • I like “Luderacy” as a domain too much not to use it.
  • Blogger lost one too many posts. I don’t write easily, averaging just over two posts a month for the 3+ years that Boom Culture ran. I can’t afford for good work to evaporate into the ether.
  • A change of scenery. The Year of No Guns proved to be more of a lost year, and I needed a fresh start.
  • Practicing what I preach. Part of my job is to identify the best available technologies for a given purpose/user/environment/audience. A blog communicates in ways beyond the content. Boom Culture was no longer saying what I wanted to say about myself.
  • The future, baby. I can build a domain out to include more than just a personal blog. No specific plans yet, but visions of sugarplums dance.

I’ve brought everything worthwhile from the old blog here. I did unpublish a few posts that weren’t really up to my standards, but trust me, neither of us will miss them.

Thanks for checking out the new site. If you like it, please bookmark Luderacy or subscribe via RSS. Please also join in the conversation by commenting. Thanks!