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Early uses of the phrase “educational technology”

Google Books Ngram Viewer is a data visualization tool that uses the Google Books database to show how often a word or phrase has been used in print sources over the years. There are some bugs—inaccurate years of publication, spotty… Continue Reading →

What ever happened to Boom Culture?

Boom Culture is dead. Long live Luderacy. Boom Culture was my previous blog, which ran from January, 2009 until May, 2012. More people read the site than I expected when I started it as a graduate school project. For this… Continue Reading →

Dear Mister Marston, part 3

Hey Max, My second letter is below. I know the pony express took a long time to arrive. I don’t plan to go on another two week hiatus! Harrison Dear Mister “Max” Marston, It is always good to hear from… Continue Reading →

Dear Mister Marston, part 2

Hey Harrison, Here’s my second letter. I think my Marston might be losing it a bit—but he recovers at the end. We’ll see what the future brings for him. Apropos more of the West than of Red Dead specifically, I… Continue Reading →

History, genre and conflicting narratives in Red Dead Redemption

The judicial system treated the Wild West bandits with an unusual degree of understanding. Those who surrendered and survived—Frank James, Cole Younger, Emmett Dalton—served a few years in prison and then went on with their lives…The West was closing up…. Continue Reading →

The Year of No Guns

Games I have played in the past year that feature shooting as a prominent mechanic: Red Dead Redemption Metro 2033 Borderlands Perfect Dark Zero Gears of War Dead Space Resident Evil 5 Alan Wake Vanquish Dark Sector Call of Juarez:… Continue Reading →

Dear Mister Marston

  I recently reconnected with the brilliant and engaging Harrison Gish, a college friend and now a Ph.D. candidate studying games and other media at UCLA. Harrison was one of the first people I met who took what you might call… Continue Reading →

Not quite the holy grail

Hi there. My name is Max, and I do side quests in JRPGs. I’ve never said it out loud before. It’s actually kind of liberating. I think I was born this way. There was never a time when, if a… Continue Reading →

More thoughts than you need about Alan Wake

Multimodality Alan Wake draws on a collection of interesting sources—but if you’ve heard anything about the game, you probably know that already. Between obvious references to Twin Peaks and frequent shout-outs to Stephen King and other writers, developer Remedy Entertainment is ingratiatingly eager… Continue Reading →

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